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Well, it was only released yesterday for the iOS platform, but you may have noticed that Defiant Development's latest release, Ski Safari, is featured in the "New and Noteworthy" section on Apple's Appstore. It's also game of the week in the US which is excellent news and most deserving for such an incredibly fun and finely polished title.

Ski Safari, developed by Brendan Watts and Shaun Eustace, started as a tech prototype back in October last year before it was entered in the Unity Flash in Flash competition in February. It consequently scored the runner-up position with $1,000, an iPad 2, and Unity software licenses in prizes for the duo. For those many who have played the flash version for hours on end will be glad to hear that a whole lot of further development and polish has been added since for the iOS release including caves, jet skis, achievements, and a whole lot more.

Quite honestly, Ski Safari was on my highly anticipated list ever since playing the flash version, and it really does not disappoint. The one-touch mechanics makes it really easy to get into, however there's so much depth and gameplay options provided by such simple controls. Whether it's getting your angle right when landing, angling through the air to gain extra momentum, rock or cabin hopping, the timing of your touch means the difference from staying on track or tumbling in the snow. Adding to the action is coin collection, eagle flying, penguin / yeti and snowmobile hopping for speed boosts, cloud riding, and achievements, all of which add quite a diversity of things to do in-game. You'll find it hard to put down Ski Safari too - it has that special just-one-more-go quality that I'm sure will keep many playing for a long time.

If you haven't so already, grab Ski Safari on the Appstore now for iPhone and iPad for just 99 cents. It's an outstanding game!

Ski Safari Launch Trailer


Janice Brogan's picture

I love this app, but one of the objectives is to land 20 backflips in the caves. Can anyone tell me WHERE the caves are? Many Thx!

souri's picture

You can actually see the entrance to a cave in the video preview pic above up there. If you're in a tunnel, you're in a cave.

Josh Martin's picture

How do you "recover from a tumble in mid air"?