Real Racing 2 is coming this week and it cost $2 million to make

The success of Firemint's Flight Control afforded the Melbourne games developer the funds and the time to develop and polish Real Racing for the iPhone. Real Racing featured social connectivity and offered gamers the ability to upload their replays to youtube, functionality that had not appeared in handheld gaming yet. It took a years worth of development and was known to be one of the most expensive iPhone titles made at the time.

CEO and Founder posts update on Firemint

It's not too often a game company opens up and reports on the current state of their studio and responds to any concerns relating to their titles. It's even more rarer for the CEO of the company to take on the duty, so it's a special treat to read a personal post from CEO and founder, Rob Murray, on the Firemint blog doing just that. On the plus side, it gives us a great chance to see some development details on their games.

Preview: Real Racing 2 (in development)


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Real Racing 2 is currently in development and coming to iPhone and iPod touch before Christmas 2010.

This quick video shows a complete lap around one of the tracks in Real Racing 2 on an iPhone 4 - filmed with an iPhone 4. For more details, please visit

Flight Control HD for PC/Mac via Steam - Gameplay Video


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One of the world';s most insanely addictive games has landed on PC and Mac! Cancel your holidays and get set for Flight Control HD on Steam, featuring the brand new exclusive "Stunt" map. Fly between the cones before landing to score extra points! See for more details.