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Bleached Az

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Bleached Az is an arcade game based on the iconic Beached Az series. It’s up to you to save the precious, yet clueless corals Tony, Pete, and Oscar from the perils of ocean neglect! These hilarious new characters tackle present-day environmental issues such as coral bleaching, pollution, and over-fishing in that infamous poorly-drawn style and off-beat Kiwi humour. Bleached Az promotes ocean health awareness and motivates players to actively contribute to environmental conservation. Features: - Unlock Exclusive Episodes: New hilarious clips featuring brand new characters. - You Play, We Plant: Carbon Absorption Meter that calculates the amount of CO2 being pulled from the atmosphere thanks to your in-game swipes. - Meet Stupid New Characters: Save the hilarious corals, Tony, Pete, and Oscar as they can't save themselves. - Test your Speed and Accuracy: Slash and slice away plastics, fishing hooks, trawler nets, and crown of thorn starfish to protect the Great Barrier Reef residents. Chaos Theory has partnered with Carbon Neutral on its 'Plant-A-Tree' Program. For every ad that you view in Bleached Az will contribute to absorbing CO2 out of the atmosphere through planting a tree.