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A magical bubble popping playground full of action and adventure!

Journey through an enchanted Faerie Kingdom filled with rainbow coloured realms and stunning creatures where powerful faeries are the protectors against the Darklings and their minions.


• Fly with the butterflies, ladybugs and other critters and seek out a friendly rainbow dragon for gold
• Upgrade your powers and use your gold coins in the Hall of Heroes
• Earn keystones by playing the mini challenge
• Score 2 Stars or more in order to advance through the Realms


• Fun challenges within the realms
• Open world playground to explore at your own pace
• Never ending action and fun
• Wholesome positive entertainment for kids and families
• A new surprise hidden around every corner
• Level up each unique hero with magical powers, protective armour and attractive forces.
• Adaptive gameplay suitable for all skill levels (Not too hard, but also not too easy)
• Autosave is always on so stop playing anytime, but remember to come back for a 200 GOLD COIN DAILY BONUS!
• Bonus secret codes for GOLD COINS and POWER STARS found at
• Collect Gold Coins to play mini-challenges or to unlock new heroes
• Earn Power Stars which are used to upgrade your heroes
• Ranking up your hero allows you to play mini-challenges and improves your heroes skill level

We @ Squish hope you enjoy Faedom as much as we did creating it :)

Stay tuned for more Rainbow Realms and Heroes!