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Fall of Cutie

Release Date

Fall as fast as you can, try to tap perfectly at the flags, dodge obstacles and finally open your parachute and land carefully. You can open your parachute only the end zone of the level so be careful ;).

In this cute game you have to reach the highest score with different animals at nice locations. Your animal falls down, you can controll it with tilt your device.

You can find the cute jumpers in the gift boxes. You will need 500 coins to buy one and if you are lucky you will get a brand new jumper.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune for a cool coin magnet, double score or more bonuses for your animal.

To unlock a new location you will need some tickets. To earn them you have to make 5 perfect touches in one jump.

For higher score don't forget to open the parachute!


- Funny gameplay.
- 25 unlockable cute jumpers.
- 6 different locations for jump (mountains, ocean, city, USA, England and China).
- Achievements and Leaderboard.
- Short sessions, lasting fun.
- Cute jumpers with different weight.
- Parachute open strategies!
- Surprisingly tactical gameplay ;).
- Ideal for casuals, but challenging for hardcore players too!

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