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Haunted Home AR

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Fight ghosts, wizards, bats and dragons in this chilling version of Haunted Home AR, a cutting-edge augmented reality game that brings the supernatural battle directly to you.

Want to turn your bedroom or backyard into a creepy cauldron of demons and scary creatures? Haunted Home AR provides a unique, immersive gaming experience in your very own surroundings. Play at home, play at the beach, play in your backyard...transform your space into something like a scene from a horror film!

You'll enter the game via a fiery pit, using all of your wits and skills to outplay and outmanouver your spooky opponents. We haven't left you empty handed - use your weapon and move around to avoid a certain death.

Haunted Home comes with a spine-tingling sound track that'll have you on edge as you play.

If you're a fan of Halloween, scary and horror movies, first-person shooters, augmented reality (AR) or cult TV & movie horrors, Haunted Home AR is the game for you.


- Augmented reality that provides a unique experience each time you play
- Transforms your familiar surroundings into a super-creepy environment
- High quality special effects
- Creatively-imagined and portrayed characters including ghosts, haunted dolls and wizards
- Use the helping hand to get yourself out of a scary situation
- A wide range of spooky characters
- Thrilling and unexpected scenarios to test your wits and reaction times
- High quality and realistic bat creatures
- Spooky sound track to enhance the scary atmosphere
- Ad-free with no need to buy add-ons

Download NOW to start playing!

A special thank you to Akuma Kira for supplying the Haunted Home AR sound track.