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Spud Cricket VR

Release Date

About This Game

Born from 2 mates drinking beers, watching cricket, and believing they could do better than the overpaid Aussie spuds currently doing the rounds in world cricket, Spud Cricket VR is a Virtual Reality cricket game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Play 5,10 OR 20 overs against a mate, 1 innings at a time. Simple fun, slog it hard, casual cricket game. You will love smacking the bowler over the fence as you try to be the next Davey Warner! But you wont. Your a spud. Might get a game for Australia though...

Features include:

- Single or local multiplayer modes
- 3 types of matches - 5, 10 or 20 over match.
- 3 difficulty levels.
- Use of the HTC Vive hand controller for realistic batting action.
- Bat either left or right handed.
- The bat has a sweet spot. Time those shots for the runs. Haptic feedback will tell the story.
- AI fielders that adjust to your big shots.
- Not all batters were born equal. As you go down the batting list, so does the skill of your batters.
- Customisable line, length and speed for the bowler player in local multiplayer - Suprise your friend batting with a sudden slower delivery or a yorker.
- Double up with fielding customisation in local multiplayer - dont just bowl it different, plan your fielding setup as well and entice the batter into the big hit, only to get caught.
- In game crowd noise and reaction to shots, wickets and other moments.
- Scoreboards both in game and for the desktop with detailed batter information.
- Multiple views for Batter and bowler.
- Action replays! You can repeatedly watch the big 6 you just smashed off your friends bowling!
- Money for nothing and your runs for free? Hit the hovering target for free runs!