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Super Rocket Pets

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The Rocket Pets are blasting off through a galaxy not so far, far away. These flying fur balls are on a thrilling quest for coins. Explore the beautiful planets as you try to travel as far as possible in this action platform game. Customize your wonderful pets, upgrade their gear and beat your previous records in Rocket Pets!

Included within
– 4 worlds to unlock
– 20 endless levels to play, how far can you get?
– Collect up to 7 insanely cute pets with jet packs and watch them explode
– Pimp your pets with 80 fun and amazing hats and masks

This game contains 3rd Party Advertising which you can remove via an in-app purchase. It also may contain cross promotion for other Mode games. The game implements ads in premium placements sympathetically. We do not overly spam ads or place ads to encourage accidental clicks.

This game contains in-app purchases for purchase of coins. No content is blocked via in-app purchases. All game content (excluding ads removal and the coin doubler) can be earned in-game.

We hope you enjoy our game and consider supporting us by reviewing it and telling others about our game.