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Wind-Up Warrior

Release Date

Wind-Up Warrior is an all new side-scrolling action RPG jam-packed with mobs to hunt, powerful loot to discover and legendary bosses to fight! A unique fusion of an endless runner and roguelite make it the perfect game for casual and hardcore players alike. Get ready for an epic adventure!

Features include:

• Old-school RPG gameplay - level up, discover rare treasure, and strengthen your character!
• Story Mode: The world needs a hero. Battle your way through treacherous lands and fight dark creatures in a quest for glory!
• Endless Mode: Journey into the Chaos Dimension and see how long you can survive. Gold and treasure awaits those up for the challenge!
• Countless environments to explore, from barren wastelands to infernal dungeons!
• Earn achievements as you defeat evil and compete against other warriors on the leaderboards!
• Lush, nostalgic visuals featuring pixel style art, accompanied by a captivating 8-bit inspired soundscape
• Simple, one-handed control scheme and retro interface
• Play as long as you like - no intrusive ads or pay walls!