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Tower City - W.I.P. Prototype Demo - June Build

Submitted by souri on Wed, 03/06/09 - 4:21 PM Permalink

Thanks for posting about the project, it's interesting to check out the prototype (particularly since I'm a fan of Unity 3D as well). Keep up the great work! Any reason why the player goes through the North West walls?


I would like to present the first demo build for the Tower City game play prototype. I do stress this is a work in progress. We still have many months ahead of us to make this prototype demo awesome.

You can download the demo from here!

We're just 1 month into production into the project, and being an online based team things can take time to come together. But what we can present is the beginnings of our prototype demo.

This build showcases a few simple but very important things:

- Player Control: Our gameplay programmer has implemented the first iteration of a mouse based movement control. And the ability to switch characters by pressing the 'tab' button.

- Camera design: We've implemented a fixed isometric camera that follows the selected player character.

- NPC pathfinding: Our Enemy & A.I. programmer has implemented a first iteration of path finding. We have both static and patrolling monsters that inhabit the level and will engage and follow the player if they get to close. We haven't implemented a health system yet so they can't attack you, and you can't attack them.

- Greybox implementation: While it might look simplistic and minimal. The character and environment artists have been hard at work creating a number of clean tile sets to allow for a modular construction of the level.

So while our demo is a bit buggy and isn't greatly entertaining at the moment it does showcase the progress we've made as a team to work from written design documents to create art assets and play systems.

Tune in next month as we'll be showcasing two usable weapon types, two enemy monster types and perhaps even some character abilities as well as updated art and a GUI interface.

Image: A screenshot of the current demo space from the editor.

Thanks for playing!

Chris Watts