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48hr Game Making Challenge is on this weekend!


The 48 hour Game Making Challenge is kicking off in a few hours!!! Truna and her crew are currently setting up the location where teams of game developers (three pro-league and *17* standard teams) will be sitting it out for 48 hours straight to complete a game using the three keywords supplied. Currently, everybody is filling in the building and getting ready for the 4pm start.

This event is quite obviously the biggest one yet, and if you want to keep in touch with all the progress and reports, you can do no better than heading to the 48hr Game Making Challenge website at:

You'll find the latest blog reports as well as the live feed they'll be running for the duration of the challenge so you'll never miss a second on all the shenanigans that occur during the event.

Also, for the absolutely freshest updates, you can follow them on their twitter page at

Be sure to check out the team profiles as well as the engines & tools they'll be utilising on the Team profile page. It's certainly an interesting variety of engines!

I'd like to say a huge thanks to Truna and her team for giving me another opportunity to come up with the three words again this year - I'll definitely be eagerly following the challenge as it progresses and seeing what the teams come up with with the keywords! Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the keyword presentation I have been scrambling to complete - the animation piece was just a little bit more ambitious this time, and I had a whole mountain of problems with it too. :(

Best of luck to everyone in the challenge!!! :)

Live video by Ustream

Submitted by souri on Fri, 02/10/09 - 4:05 PM Permalink

Live stream is up and running. Challenge has started, and I'm relieved there's no riot from the choice of keywords I've chosen. I can see Yug walking around taking photos already :)