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New Portal For Independent Artists


Submitted by Limelight PR

NEW PORTAL FOR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS is a digital distribution site selling independent film, music, art, podcasts, games, animations and ebooks, where artists set their own price and keep 70% of the profit. Launched in February 2007, is already gaining the a reputation with Microsoft awarding them the Special Microsoft Award for Internet Innovation as part of the APC Internet Technology Awards which highlight the innovative products and solutions most responsible for advancing the development and uptake of the Internet and IP technologies over the past year.

Si-Mi offers free uploading facilities for artists to share their videos, music, art, games, podcasts, animations and ebooks. While downloaders can purchase content for multiple devices such as PC, PSP, iPods, PDAs and mobile phones. Free previews are available for all content, so that if Si-Mi browsers like it, they can buy, vote, comment, add to their watchlist or share it with friends.

? aims to provide an invaluable service to independent artists all over the globe by offering them a 70% cut of their digital media sales. We believe in innovation and enabling filmmakers, gamers, musicians and artists? acknowledgement for their work and getting the money they deserve?, says co-founder, Simone Govic.

Si-Mi was founded by David Geddes (futurist), Simone Govic (film producer) and Andrew Kelley (engineer). Geddes? previous experience includes leading the Business Modeling Group at Telstra Research Laboratories and Business Analyst at Big Pond. Simone Govic is a producer of independent films and a former Investment Banker with Morgan Stanley in New York. Andrew Kelley was a Senior Research Technologist at Telstra Research Laboratories.

Si-Mi recently entered a partnership with Kojo Pictures ? an Australian production company who has worked on a number of iconic Australian films such as Greg McLean's Wolf Creek as well as the works of Academy Award nominated director Scott Hicks (Snow Falling On Cedars and Hearts In Atlantis).

The collaboration with Kojo Pictures enables Si-Mi to become involved in a greater variety of projects from very large to very small budgets. Si-Mi allows filmmakers to retain creative freedom, instant access to a wider audience, and most importantly retain a greater share of the profits.

Si-Mi is also a proud sponsor of film festivals such as Portable Film Festival in Melbourne, SAIFF in Atlanta, USA, Renderyard Film Festival in London, and Hollyshorts in LA.