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Gamasutra talk to IR Gurus' producer Ben Board

Gamasutra has a column called 'Media Consumption', where they delve into the media diets of gaming personalities. This week the focus is on IR Gurus' Heroes of the Pacific producer Ben Board. Ben has worked as a programmer for Bullfrog and EA, and also the lead quest scripter for Lionhead's Fable before coming to Melbourne in the role of producer on Heroes of the Pacific, jointly developed by IR Gurus and Codemasters.

In this interview Ben discusses the reception of Heat Seeker, before getting to the core focus of the column where he reveals what he is currently listening to, watching, reading and playing.

?The people who whinged most about [Heatseeker] were some of the more highbrow games people who compared us to Ace Combat, and at no point did we say we were trying to out-Ace Combat Ace Combat. We weren?t ever trying to compare ourselves to Ace Combat - they?ve got teams of 8,000 people all sitting in come hangar in Japan preparing all these complex FMVs and all these storylines about death and loss and the horrors of war, and we just wanted to blow stuff up. We just wanted you to fly around very fast and blow up things and shoot down 200 things in the space of 15 minutes,?