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Next-Gen Project: U-235 Studios


U-235 Studios are seeking expressions of interest for team leaders, artist, programmer, animator and script writing positions. This is a great opportunity to work on a major next-generation project full-time over 18 months. The project 'Retribution' will utilise the latest technologies and techniques to produce a truly stunning and realistic environment. A fast paced FPS with open play elements as well as structured storyline levels, team and personal advancement, and fun multiplayer gaming. The title is being produced for XBOX2 and PC.

Technologies we are utilising include:

PRT (pre-computed radiance transfer) and SH (spherical harmonics)
Full realistic day/night cycles as part of our fully dynamic skybox
Shaders supporting Pixel Shader 3 and 2b
FFT for realistic water and MWave for water interaction
Dynamic weather and cellular automation
High Dynamic Range Rendering (HDR) and Tone Mapping
Normal mapping
Self-shadowing parallax mapping
Material-driven particle effects
Depth of field
Novodex physics

Working as a team member of U-235 Studios on this project you will be exposed to a range of new techniques and are sure to add to your existing skills. At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest as we are in discussions with publishers. Chosen applications will be given an immediate offer of employment once we secure funding.

Positions will be full time (unless otherwise specified) in Melbourne, Australia. We will be able to help people with experience on published titles to get VISAs to work in Australia on our team.

To register your interest and for full details on the positions (inc. wage levels) and the project please visit

Will Kruss
U-235 Studios