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Challenging times for employment in local games industry

Thuyen Nguyen, previously a game designer from Transmission Games, has written an insightful piece for Screenplay's Your Turn feature, describing some of his personal disappointments and hardships as a local game developer that has been let go after a major studio closure.

Finding another position has proven extremely difficult in the current downturn in the local industry for even someone with seven years of experience, and it has meant that Thuyen has had to enter another industry entirely for work...

Having spent almost three months looking for work in Melbourne, I found nothing despite seven years experience and eleven published titles under my belt. Of course, I was surprised and frustrated - the former especially so, because I kept on getting the same reason for rejection: "Not enough experience." No senior roles, no designer roles.

The global financial crisis forced me to leave the industry I started my working life in, and one which I still adore. Though I must admit, having taken a job in the "real world," I'm glad I don't have to compete with the newly-retrenched game developers who are now fighting for the small number of jobs available at this time.

Thuyen describes why people like him still love game development despite all its shortcomings, and puts forward that more Government incentives is needed for the industry to survive and flourish. Read the entire write up at Screenplay!