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A Call for Concept Artists for Sumea Mod

There is a Sumea mod in the works, and we're in the beginning process of the collaboration. We have a general idea on the direction of the mod, and we'd like to open up the character designs to you concept artists out there. The three different player classes are:

1. Engineer/demolitions/ammo supply : Fast and moderately armoured.
2. Covert/hacker/medic : Fast and lightly armoured, and their rifle/machinegun includes a sniper scope
3. Heavy weapons/Infantry : Slow and heavily armoured

The theme is futuristic. We're looking forward to seeing some incredible and unique designs, so if you're a talented concept artist and would like to contribute, please click on the following link and post your efforts! We'll leave about 3 weeks for concept submissions and the team will decide upon which concept to go for before modelling/texturing/and animating it!!