Gametech 2011


When and where: 21 & 22 June, Luna Park, Sydney

Early bird registration ends on 6th May

What is Gametech?

Gametech is a 2-day conference blitz of learning, inspiration, solutions, and networking. It is the most comprehensive event on games and interactive entertainment in the region, and will provide an unparalleled event experience.

Gametech is for those who wish to benefit from the explosive growth in video gaming. Whether you are part of the industry value chain or whether you are considering interactive entertainment as a tool for your business.

Gametech features visionary presentations, insightful case studies, lively debate and expert information on timely cutting-edge business topics of interactive entertainment and gaining from video gaming technology.

Who attends Gametech?

Attendees are drawn from game developers, publishers, console, mobile and web platforms, brands, media, emerging application developers, social media, technology providers, content companies, specialised and non-specialised retailers, investors, industry associations and government.

Speakers include:

  • Tony Lawrence: General Manager, 2K Marin & President, GDAA
  • Tom Crago: CEO, Tantalus Interactive
  • Shainiel Deo: CEO, Halfbrick
  • David Kainer: Chief Technology Officer, Viva La mobile

International guests:

  • Bryan Neider: Senior Vice-President and Global COO, EA Games (USA)
  • Michael Ephraim: Vice President Sony Computer Entertainment (Europe) & Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment (ANZ)
  • Edward Fong: Managing Director, Ubisoft & President, IGEA
  • Gerard Noonan: Managing Director, Namco Bandai Partners (Au, NZ & Asia Pacific)

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Anonymous's picture

So Sydney finally gets a local event, but what do we get, something over-priced ($1,600) with content that is largely targeted at work-for-hire development studios from other industries wanting to get a piece of the game development pie.

So, it's either completely useless to everyone else or what we already know and couldn't care knowing more of.

Go Gametech!

NathanRunge's picture

Glorious isn't it? I think I'll just fly to America and get an all-access GDC pass, thank you.