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Interview with Daniel Visser from Wicked Witch

Company has a great interview with Daniel Visser, CEO of Wicked Witch. Daniel tells how he got into the games industry, how tough game development actually is, and why he started up Wicked Witch. It;s a great insight into what Wicked Witch do and the games they develop, such as WarMonster: Online...

"We are pretty excited about our mmorpg that fits in under 96kb! That is the sort of crazy challenge that Wicked Witch can't help but attempt. So we funded all the r&d ourselves, then designed and made the game and the server sides. Now we are rolling it out in China and many other countries around the world. The game started out to be like a WarCraft3 battle arena map (some people may remember these cool wc3 maps) and as we went on, we wanted to make it more like ultima online. The after playing WoW we have also let some of that influence creep in."

It's a fantastic read, so be sure to hop on over to! (Thanks to for posting this :)