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Concept Design Workshop Australia 2011

When: May 9-20, 2011
Where: NEXUS Multicultural Arts Centre, Adelaide. South Australia

Concept Design Workshop Australia 2011, Australia’s 1st International Concept Art Workshop will be held on May 9-20, 2011 at the NEXUS Multicultural Arts Centre, Adelaide. South Australia. This exclusive event is a two week intensive workshop featuring some of the industry's most prominent concept artists.

Industry professionals and students alike will have the opportunity to learn what its takes to become a successful concept designer and will hone and develop industry specific techniques that are used in a day to day professional environment.


  • Kevin Chen (Concept Design Academy, Pasadena California): Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Guild Wars, Alien vs Predator, 9, Gatchaman, Sucker Punch
  • Carlo Arrelano (Insomniac games) : God of War: Chains of Olympus, Resistance: Fall Of Man, World of Warcraft. Spiderman, Planet Of The Apes and Van Helsing
  • Terry Lane (Art Director, Bluetongue Entertainment) : DeBlob and DeBlob: The Underground
  • Nick Pill (Art Director, Rising Sun Pictures in Adelaide) : Harry Potter, Wolverine and Terminator: Salvation
  • Simon Scales (videogame concept artist, matte-painter and children's book illustrator) : DeBlob: The Underground


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 26/04/11 - 8:04 AMPermalink

Do you have a Saturday mornings workshop or an introductory course that kids (11yrs) can participate in?