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The Canberra Games Festival


Date: 24 - 25 July 2004
Venue: Canberra Technology Park, Phillip Avenue, WATSON, ACT, 2602 & other venues around Canberra.

The Canberra Games Festival celebrates the wide range of interactive entertainment, role play, strategic and tactical activities and their application in problem solving and advancing organisational needs. This year's Festival will focus on computer games.

The Festival includes a broad range of public and school events including:

- Public Workshops on the Interactive Entertainment Industry
- Computer Game Play Rooms
- Public Exhibition
- Tournaments including: ACTGN 24hr LAN Tournament, Zone 3 Laser Challenge - Pairs Competition, Warhammer 40,000, Flames of War (15+) and a Euro Games Freeform Tournament
- Demonstrations/ Spectator Events including:Celebrity Play-offs, DBA Campaign - 'The Lethal Levant',
- Participation Games including: Zone 3 Laser Tag "An Introduction", Modified DBA 'The Clash of Many Kings - Battle of Clontarf 1014AD', Euro Games - Open Gaming, Pinball & Electronic Amusement Arcade, DBM, Wild West miniatures game and Axis & allies.
- School Competitions including: Digital Games Challenge, Teachers Digital Games Challenge, Game Character Competition, A Game Idea Competition and A Game View Competition