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Week 1 of the 2011 Play Well Cup

The first week has ended for the 2011 Play Well Cup, a 6-week Starcraft 2 tournament between local games developers and online/media companies, with all donations and proceeds going to the Child's Play charity. It's an exciting event instigated by James Croft who was inspired by the work of popular Starcraft 2 game casters on youtube as well as the distinct lack of local Starcraft 2 action.
The Play Well Cup is an Australian Starcraft 2 league where geeky AU companies battle it out in support of Child's Play — a charity raising money for the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane & the Sydney Children's Hospital.
The companies and organisations who've signed up for the tournament are: Here are just two of the matches that are available for viewing right now! Check out the rest at Wicked Witch Software - Age (Terran) & SnIpHeR (Protoss) VS The Voxel Agents - Skyeborg (Protoss) & Sambot (Terran) SEGA Studios Australia - Matt (Terran) & Paz (Protoss) VS Firemint - MarsSpider (Terran) & Nerdnina (Terran) Oohh boy, never forget the importance of scouting ;) For all the news, tournament updates, and sponsorship details, head on over to the Play Well Cup website at: Alternatively, you can also keep up to date at the Play Well Cup page on Facebook at or follow their Twitter account at
Submitted by souri on Fri, 09/09/11 - 3:01 PM Permalink

Yeh, unfortunately the first I heard of it was when The Voxel Agents and Wicked Witch were smack talking each other before their match on twitter, so it was all already set up and going at that point. If the tournament continues next year, it would be great to have an even greater number of game devs there!

Submitted by James Croft (not verified) on Fri, 09/09/11 - 4:24 PM Permalink

Hi guys, just to let you know, if you're interested in competing in the next season, please send us am email at playwellcup [at] g mail [dot] com. We've had a couple of companies already express interest, so drop us a line and I will make sure you're in the loop for when the next one comes around.

I apologise if we weren't out there more before we began; it's kind of a catch-22, no coverage until you have something to show, can't show anything until you begin! Hopefully you'll follow & enjoy the current tournament; last night's Film Victoria vs. Liquid Interactive was intense. I can't wait to cast it.