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Redwyre's Mini Coding Competition

Redwyre is having a mini coding competition for you programmers out there. Up for stakes is a copy of Full Spectrum Warrior for the Xbox!

From the forum..

Ok, here's the challenge: Demonstrate the best use of the STL. This will be in the form of a simple program that does a small task while taking advantage of the STL. Here is an example that reads white-space delimed input into a vector: (see link at the end of this news item)

Programs will be judged on code size (smaller is better), code elegance (keep it clean), and functionality (more bang for your buck). Entries close midnight 31st of December. You may have up to 2 entries. At this point, it will just be me judging. What I say goes.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go! Discussions, comments, and details at the following link!