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Trasmission Games working on Ashes Cricket 2009

Gamespot has reported that Transmission Games (formerly IR Gurus) is bringing cricket back to the masses. Not much has been heard from the Melbourne developers ever since the Heroes over Europe debacle, but it looks like Codemasters have got the Melbourne based developers busily working on a multi-platform cricket game called Ashes Cricket 2009.

Ashes Cricket 2009 boasts some interesting features including 18 real life stadiums from 12 countries, gameplay in a range tournaments and series, voice acting contributions from well known cricketing personalities, and it looks like both the English and Australian international teams can be decked out with over 100 pieces of kit. It's everything a cricket fan could possibly hope for, so let's hope Transmission Games can pull off a great Cricket game!

Gamespot also have an interview with Transmission Games producer, Jamie Firth, who discusses some of the features of the new game, and you get to check out some new screenshots as well, so check it out!

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so maybe *now* they could pay their staff....