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Steve Stamatiadis on the unreleased games of Krome Studios


Games On Net have an article on the games that were developed by Krome Studios over the years that remained unpublished and unfinished. These games were were developed as proposals for the studio to show off to publishers. While some were eventually greenlighted (like Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger, for example), many were pushed aside or placed on the backburner when paid contract games work took preference. All was not lost though, as in some cases, the work put into these prototypes was later re-used for other games.

Steve Stamatiadis, the Creative Director at Krome Studios, gives a description and backstory to these never-before-seen productions, as well as the reasons to why some of them never got the green light to become full-fledged games. These prototypes range in development from the early days of Krome Studios when they were better known as Gee Whiz! Entertainment, right up to the studio's demise late last year. They are:

Katburgler - a 60's themed female spy action game which failed to secure a publisher due to other titles in the market.
TY: Gunyip - a free-roaming air combat game set in the universe of TY, The Tasmanian Tiger which was partly developed by the former Atari Studio in Melbourne. It was push aside for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed contract work.
Surface Tension - a PS2 title that was a cross between Pikmin and Populous which was abandoned when the team moved to next-gen development.
Carpe Noctum - a multiplayer, steampunk-era action game where characters fight demons
Project ACLAND - a gory game title that would have pushed the games classification bar in Australia

When asked if Steve will return to making games, he responded to Games On Net...

“The industry is really screwed,” he says, laughing bitterly. “Getting stuff done is really hard at the best of times, and... it’s not the best of times. But I’m do have some ideas, maybe something for iPad. I’ve got some great ideas for adventure games. We’ll have to see what happens.”

For the full feature, head on over to Games On Net.