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PALGN Talks to Wicked Witch


PALGN caught up with Daniel Visser, CEO of Australian game development company, Wicked Witch, to have a chat about what is currently in production there, and to talk about what it’s like being a part of the Australian industry. When Daniel was asked if he saw it as a disadvantage to be situated in Australia, or if it was difficult to reach a global audience, he had the following to say:

Almost all of our business comes from overseas. We have clients in the USA, UK and many countries in Europe, and also Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia. With the power of the internet we are able to do business all over the world with little problems. The Victorian government also supports our small game development sector which you may not get in other countries in the world. We are very happy to be in Victoria, Australia.

The entire interview can be found upon the following link.