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IR Gurus bringing Ricky Ponting 2007 Pressure Play to PSP

It looks like IR Gurus have another locally loved sports game in their hands with Ricky Ponting 2007 Pressure Play in the pipes for a release later this year on the PSP handheld. The guys at Gamespot AU have a quick question and answer session with chat with IR Gurus associate producer, Rhys Quinert, about the changes in the PSP port...

Rhys Quinert: It's been redesigned and reprogrammed specifically for the PSP. There have been a number of additions that differ from the console versions. Given the later release date, we were able to include last-minute squad changes, and some player abilities and statistics as they were recorded at the beginning of the ICC World Cup. We've also gone for a simpler approach with the batting, bowling, and fielding controls, which we felt was more appropriate for the PSP. The biggest addition, however, is probably that of the Pressure Play game mode, which is a PSP-exclusive. It focuses on short, sharp challenges more suitable for the portable nature of the PSP.

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