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Petition to save Powerslide: Slipstream


From the forum posted by Loch...

Hi sumean's, I was hoping all of you that support aussie games would sign a petition to save the sequel to adelaide based ratbaggames powerslide, titled Powerslide: Slipstream.

If you liked the original Powerslide this one looks unreal (if you need some convincing IGN has a hands-on preview). So please if you've got the time just follow the link and sumbmit a signature!

Thanks heaps

From the petition page:

Now, Ratbag has spent many hours creating the sequel we have all been begging and waiting for. Powerslide Slipstream (some call it Powerslide II).
The problem now is that they cannot find a suitable publisher to publish this fine and highly anticipated sequel, which by all indicators, appears to be very playable (if not finished already!).
Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/10/04 - 6:21 AM Permalink

  • 1. - Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 12:03:30 AM
    In an industry that gives titles with any redeeming virtue 70"(percent), Ratbag's latest effort sitting at the 50"(percent) mark on game rankings looks like the worst racing game to come out of Australia since South Park Rally. If they can get that junk published, the stuff they can't get published probably deserves never to see the light of day. They have had many cancelled or unpublished titles, burned publishers and have shed 2/3 of their employees in a year. They are probably running around desperately begging the government for money not to go under, I doubt a bunch of signatures is going to do anything at all.
  • 2. AnotherLegalAdult - Friday, October 29, 2004 - 2:21:55 AM
    Online petitions do not work. There is no way to verify the legitimacy of the signee's.