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Sumea Programmer Challenge #1

The first Sumea Programmer Challenge is under way. Here are the rules..

1. Challenge: Water mesh must be created dynamically, if indeed you choose that path. You are allowed models for objects that may interact with the water, etc.
2. Hardware spec: Must be able to run on minimum gf2mx. That means selecting software vertex shaders and disabling pixel shaders when nessisary. (The maximum vertex shader version on pre-DX9 hardware is vs1.1, however higher versions can be run in software.)
3. Entry Size: 3MB limit (ZIP or RAR), this includes all libraries needed other then DirectX or OpenGL. (ie. fmod, glut, etc).
Should be able to run after being extracted from the archive.
4. Tech: You must provide a way to turn on and off wireframe rendering of the water at runtime.
5. Source: All source code relevent to the simulation must be submitted in a seperate ZIP or RAR file. (There is no reason to MAKE people give their entire source tree, however they should be free to do so)
6: Entry must be submitted by midnight Sunday 15th of June. Details to follow on how to submit.

Note that if you code an effect that specifically requires pixel shaders, #2 will be waived. But if people can't watch it, they can't vote for it.

Be sure to ask any question or discussions on the challenge at the forum. Redwyre has also posted a list of resources to help you out. Good luck to all those entering, and I hope to see some really cool stuff in two months :)