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NRL Mascot Mania and AFL Mascot Manor hits Nintendo DS


"NRL Mascot Mania" and "AFL Mascot Manor" announced for a July 2nd 2009 Release

Sydney, Australia – May 14, 2009 – Home Entertainment Suppliers P/L (HES), are proud to announce their upcoming video game "NRL Mascot Mania" and "AFL Mascot Manor", two fun and adventurous titles aimed at children that is due for release on July 2nd, 2009 on Nintendo DS®.

"NRL Mascot Mania brings your favourite team mascot to life in this fast paced action adventure that has you running, jumping and battling your way through some incredible 3D worlds", said David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES.

"The NRL Mascot programme has been an important part of the NRL's strategic direction for children and we are proud to have such an amazing game available", said Paul Kind, Director of Commercial & Marketing for the National Rugby League.

"Each AFL Mascot has a unique personality which embraces the spirit and passion of each AFL team, and we are proud to have them featured in their very own videogame", said Scott Munn, Manager of Consumer Products for the AFL.

The features of "NRL Mascot Mania" and "AFL Mascot Manor" include –

- Choose between 16 team mascots, each with their own superpowers!
- Explore and conquer 48 fantasy environments using your Super Abilities!
- Battle your enemies using Fiery Fists and Ground Smash, or unleash your mascot's special attack!
- Face off against other team mascots in an epic boss-battle clash.
- Fun mini games including an un-lockable NRL mini-match.
- Find, collect, and trade NRL player cards with your friends wirelessly to boost your team in the mini-match.

"NRL Mascot Mania" and "AFL Mascot Manor" is due for release on July 2nd, 2009 and will be available from all leading retailers.

"NRL Mascot Mania" and "AFL Mascot Manor" was developed by Melbourne-based developer, Wicked Witch Software.

Submitted by samh on Fri, 15/05/09 - 11:17 AM Permalink

Awesome. I can't wait to play the bit where you get to team up with other mascots to sexually assault an inebriated female mascot.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 02/07/09 - 9:06 PM Permalink

Looks like a great game for the kids. It's about time we saw something great and different for a computer game. Wow the kids are in for a treat. Go Bluey !!!!!!!