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Jumbuck Entertainment launches developer initiative


Jumbuck Entertainment is a company that perhaps isn't as well associated as many others to the local games development industry, but that may be about to change. The digital media company based in Melbourne specialises in selling digital downloads primarily to the U.S and British markets, and they're about to launch a new program call "Launchpad".

The initiative is aimed at funding local startups for the development of new apps, with the hopes of commercialising the results as well as spurring the growth of the local games industry. And hey, with the recent Victorian Government budget cuts affecting the industry, this is probably a good thing...

So what kind of apps are they interested in? Jumbuck Entertainment Chief executive, David Gibbs, explains to

"We're willing to consider anything, but if we had a focus we'd be looking at apps with significant revenue models. There are a lot of apps out there that aren't generating anything, but we want to add some value."

"We're looking for apps where there is a sustainable billing model. We do a little bit of work in gaming, so possibly something around that, but the ideal app for us would be something more social media-related."

"We're really targeting this at young, bright ideas coming out of development so we hope to be inundated with thousands of ideas. We want to provide some capital to fund that incubation type environment at the start of a program."