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NSW Government announces Digital Media Initiative, $1.5million support for local digital content industry

Thanks to Nnooo for tweeting about this as it's particularly substantial news for games developers (commercial as well as independent) based in New South Wales. Yes, N.S.W games developers certainly been starved of any form of Government support, and developers in this state have been sitting at the sidelines watching their counterparts in QLD and Victoria receive various forms of funding or dev equipment support for years while they receive none.

Well, Sydney developers, here's your chance to shine. The NSW Government's Digital Economy Strategy is pledging support of $1.5 million a year (for three years) for digital content for sale on the internet or a range of electronic devices which means it's geared perfectly for games development. The initiative starts 2010/11 - NOW.

Digital Media Initiative

The Digital Media Initiative, a key element in the NSW Government’s Digital Economy Strategy, will provide $1.5 million a year for three years to support digital content, commencing in 2010/11. The Initiative is designed for commercially oriented projects that are destined for distribution on internet, wireless, mobile, other emerging platforms or devices.

The Digital Media Initiative will provide support at various stages from early stage development up to completion of a functioning prototype or to take a market ready project into production. It will also support NSW businesses to attend key international conferences such as the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco.

A break down of the support you can get

Early stage development - Prototypes, playable demos, preproduction, development, business planning activities. Up to $50,000.
Advanced development / production finance - Up to $250,000.
Enterprise development - Up to $100,000.
Marketing / financing - Up to $5,000.

For grants above $200,000 the fund is unlikely to support more than 50% of the project budget.
A non-recoupable grant except for amounts over $200,000 where a recoupment arrangement may be negotiated.

For more details and to apply, head on over to the following link...