VastPark announces VastPark 3C


VastPark announces its vision for the next generation in Enterprise collaboration: VastPark 3C

VastPark, the open lightweight virtual world platform announced a new product today, VastPark 3C.

VastPark 3C, which stands for Community Collaboration Centre, connects an easy-to-use social network platform with an immersive real time meeting system, allowing users to self organise within a collaborative environment.

These features combine to empower an Enterprise that is more responsive and agile, that promotes internal discussion and automates real time transparency giving managers a better understanding of what people are thinking and doing.

VastPark 3C is aimed at government, intelligence, corporate, and communities such as industry groups. It enables organisations to get the benefits of their own 3rd generation social network platform with the added benefit of the VastPark virtual world platform built in.

Reduce the costs of group participation, reduce emails, travel time and create effective meeting attendance, even allow people to review the contents of meetings they were unable to attend.

VastPark 3C is a cutting edge integration platform which provides a low cost solution for services that were previously only available separately.

Organisations are invited to join the closed beta program for VastPark 3C at Registration comes with no cost or obligation, but enables organizations to access the technology much sooner than otherwise. For more information on VastPark 3C please visit: