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Senior Build Engineer for Irrational Games Australia

Senior Build Engineer for Irrational Games Australia

Reports to: Lead Programmer
No. of direct reports: 1 -2
Location: Canberra, Australia
Tenure: Full-time

Job description:

Configuring and managing the build servers and processes, including:

? Build management (web interface that manages all the builds across all platforms)
? Automated testing across all platforms (PS3, XBOX 360 & PC)
? Underlying build systems across multiple teams.
? Conditions of the job will include a reasonable amount of irregular working hours to suit the project requirements.

Required skills/experience:

? 3+ years experience in a similar role.
? Solid demonstrated C# knowledge and experience
? Strong knowledge of build systems (e.g. MAKE, JAM, Team foundation server)
? Solid system administration experience (Windows)

Other skills:

? Automated test harnesses and facilities
? Install Shield or similar installer technology
? Some C++ skills and knowledge.

Please apply to Ali Hinton, HR Manager using the following link: