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New additions to the Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 18/05/11 - 2:28 PM Permalink

Awesome, really curious to know where you manage to source these from. I have just purchased a Blizzard 1260 for my old Amiga 1200, and have been trying to find a nice repository of Amiga Demos.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 18/05/11 - 5:17 PM Permalink

They were submitted by someone called Cycle who saw our archive and wanted to contribute. I really do appreciate demo submissions of stuff we don't already have as you can imagine, Australian made Amiga demos are fairly obscure things.

Amiga demos, in general, however are not as obscure. Do a search for Amiga demo and you'll come with websites with huge archives of the more popular Amiga demos from other places around the world.

We have some new additions to our Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive! We've been looking for a fair few of these missing demos, so big thanks to 'Cycle' for contributing them to the list! A few of the demos are from Perth groups (Chrome, Paralax, Exceed, Toons) which I haven't heard of before, so it's always great to check out stuff I've missed out on from back then.

The new additions are:

BlipVerts #5 - Decay
Elle slideshow - Digital Access
DA Party 1992 - Digital Access
Colin Carpenter - Unemployment Benefits - Exceed
Colin Carpenter - Word Association - Exceed
Colin Carpenter - Blind Date - Toons
Colin Carpenter - Gate Crasher - Toons
Colin Carpenter - The Psychiatrist - Toons
Glitch - Mystix
Elle Macpherson - Paralax
Utopia#1 - The Phobia
LCD Dreams - Solstice

If you were big into the Amiga demo scene back in the early to mid 90's, you can grab all the demos above and much more at our Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive here!

A reminder also that Flashback 2011, Sydney Australia's demoscene event, begins on Saturday, 11th of June. Click here for the details about that event!