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THQ CEO confirms de Blob sequel on all platforms

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Good to hear that THQs re-focus has worked. The UFC game was excellent and Saints Row and Darksiders are both good as well. Fingers crossed the de Blob sequel boosts their Melbourne (and Brisbane) studios as we could do with a high profile Aussie success story after last year.

IGN have a fantastic interview with THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, on everything relating to the publisher's hopes, aims, failures, and predictions, from the global financial crisis and the closing of five internal studios, the digital download space, next-gen and the new motion devices, and most surprisingly, provides some eye-bruising words about their experience on the Wii platform. From IGN...

(Deadly Creatures) Didn't find much of an audience and I think more of the core-gaming audience is on 360 and PS3. I know Nintendo doesn't like that message. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo personally, but that's just not where the audience is or the audience there is fairly limited...

We've been concentrating more on our kids, family and casual stuff there and there is a viable business on the Wii for that stuff. It's just not the core experiences.

Following those comments, the THQ CEO confirmed to the IGN interviewer that Blue Tongue Entertainment's de Blob sequel will not be restricted to just the Wii platform...

IGN: You did announce a de Blob sequel, though. Is that coming to Wii?

Brian Farrell: Well, de Blob started its life on Wii. We've not announced anything yet, but obviously with a great brand like that -- people love that character -- taking it to other platforms, the game mechanic can be done. Actually, I prefer it on a normal controller. We'll be branching it out to other platforms -- that's a great brand to build.

IGN: Great. So we will see it across the board then.

Brian Farrell: Absolutely.

IGN: Can you give us an idea of what to expect from the sequel?

Brian Farrell: You'll really like what you see. It's being developed by our Blue Tongue studio down in Australia. I was down there probably about three months ago and they've just taken it to the next level. The first one is always the first one. And now having all the technology built so that they can work solely on the creative side and production values -- you're going to love what you see.

It's always fascinating to read what the head honcho of giant publishers have to say about the industry (EA's CEO John Riccitiello has certainly given many some food for thought in a fairly recent interview), and it's a great glimpse at the strategy THQ have for the near future. Well worth a read!