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Paul McInnes from Micro Forte Interview


IGN have a very brief interview with Micro Forte Lead Designer, Paul McInnes, on using Big World tech with their new spy themed MMO, and also on the future of MMO's in general. Although not much is revealed about the new MMO, it's an interesting insight on the technology behind it...

One of the huge advantages in working with BigWorld so closely is we have access to all their technology. There's a bunch of stuff that does for us at a production level and at a content level. From a production point of view, we know we have the server, we know it's stable, it works. Easily scriptable, easily extendable, a whole bunch of stuff that works for us right away. From a tools point of view, they're fast, they're efficient, they're easy to use, they're intuitive, they're visual. They're the kind of tools that level builders dream of using.

The article says that there will be more about Micro Forte's new MMO at the Austin Game Developers Conference in September. Read the interview over at IGN!