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The Dukes of Hazzard Preview


UGO has a great preview of The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee game currently under development at RatBag Games...

...the game is going to be played mostly from inside the car... you're going to drive all over Hazzard completing the game. One thing Ratbag has done, which is a first, is to open up the entire county to you. In other words, besides completing various quests in the game, you have the option of simply driving around Hazzard at your leisure, checking out places, heading to the Boars Nest to refresh yourself, or finding some places to do some cool stunts and jumps as only the General Lee can do. You can go anywhere you want. There are plenty of dirt roads, hills, and wooden objects to drive the car through.

Sounds good! There are some nice screenshots to look at as well, so click the following link!