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Nigredo Studios - Prototype Team


Organizational Overview

Nigredo Studios was found in November 2004 to provide an exciting, detailed, and good flowing, episodic modification to the Half Life 2 Community called Night Fall.

Today Nigredo Studios is a games development contractor, and has had recent involvement with Raven Software LCC for Quake 4, and worked with Nocturanl Central (as contubiters).


To get our next project off the ground we have accrued the rights to create an unforgettable experience of Peter F. Hamilton�s commonwealth saga, using the Unreal Engine 3.

The use of the Intellectual Property

Working along side both Peter, and the Pan Macmillan Publishers, we plan on reaching a well rounded Game Play Intellectual Property (IP) to be known as Prime and is based on the Land Fall even that takes place in Pandora�s Star (ISBN 0 330 49331 0).

Key Members

Adam McKern � Project Lead and CEO
Adam has been working on electronic gaming assets for 8 years, and has been employed by Nocturnal, Raven Software, and other smaller firms to do programming, and asset creation. He received his Diploma of software Development from North Sydney TAFE in 2004, and has excelled in desktop applications along with his electronic game contributions.

Vincent Giang � Artistic Lead
Vincent has 9 years experience working at Creata as a Senior Artist where he was responsible for concept drawings and illustrations for all artwork used by McDonalds, including character development for toys, clothing and other promotional materials. This involved first draft concept drawings through to finished art.

Ross Brown � Testing Lead
Ross has been an avid gamer most his life obtain an Apple IIE, fresh from the shelf in 1983. Ross brings to the team his analytical skills from working as a level 3-helpdesk manager at IBM, servicing customers such as the IAG Insurance group, and ANZ Banking, each with over 20,000 desktop systems.

What we need

Nigredo Studios is looking for talented people to kick off work on our Commercial IP at our new Sydney CBD Office.

To be considered for the shortlist you MUST show that you have experience in PC Game Design and development - such as modifications, custom levels, replacement models, improved sound, etc.

You will be reporting your progress to the team leader, and project sponser on a regular basis.

We are after -
1 x Project Manager (Commercial experience a must),
1 x Bid Manager (PC Game bidding a major advantage),
1 x Public Relations Officer (Must have a keen interest in PC Games),
1 x Engine Programmer (Experience with UE2 / 2.5 Engine),
2 x Material artists,
1 x Model designer (Complete model process highly needed please (UV, Bump map's, rigging, animation etc) You must have experience in Maya, and with static prop�s/mesh),
1 x Audio Engineer (Must be able to produce your own audio (Modification experience needed as a minium))

Outside of your required skills, a willingness to learn from others, and the ability to contribute ideas, and time to help your team-mates is highly sort after.

You must also have the ability to work well by your self, and as part of a small team to produce high detail, good flowing, and optimized game play.

Please submit your applications to

Applicants please follow these rules �
- Please use the text space in the email to provide a link to your best item of work, that best showcases your experience
DO NOT link to rapid share, or mega upload files.

- Attach your cover letter, and resume, in MS Word .DOC Format
Please include in your resume, all the software you can use to produce in game assets, such as Hammer 4, Gold Wave, .net 2003, XSI, Photoshop CS 3, etc.

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  • 1. Anonymous Coward - Sat, 6 Jan 2007 20:18:36Z
    So what is the news with these guys, anyone know?

    Last I heard they were hoping to get a publishing deal.