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Victorian highschool students showcase games at State Library


If any local indie developers or students from tertiary schools need some inspiration to lift up their game and get stuff done, this has got to be it.

Victorian highschool students showcased some of the games they've been working on at the State Library of Victoria last Friday as part of a DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood) research grant initiative. In a relatively small amount of time, these year 10 secondary students have already gone through the process of finding out how to make games to the point where their work is playable and distributable. And some of the games look pretty darn good too, and their creators have hopes to release it for platforms like Xbox Live Arcade.

The effort has impressed Big Ant Studios' Adam Briggs who came along to the event to look over the student showcase. In the Sky News video report, Briggs complimented one of the games on display called WBGL (When Blobs Grow Legs) for its presentation which is a considerable pat on the back coming from a studio Art Director.

Version 1.2 of WBGL (When Blobs Grow Legs) is available for download in its Alpha stage right now, so check that out at as well as the team behind it at Development on WBGL is currently listed as on hold while the team is working on another game for a competition this month.