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iTWire Reviews AFL Premiership 2007

iTWire have a three page review up of AFL Premiership 2007, the latest AFL game by Melbourne developers, IR Gurus. iTWire compliments AFL Premiership 2007 on its depth and detail that that passionate AFL fans everywhere will appreciate, but outlines some areas that need improvement such as the controls and the AI. The review also includes some words from IR Gurus' Mark Houareau on the historic Guernseys that make their appearance in the game...

The retro uniform collection came about from a discussion during the AFL Premiership 2006 development period with Rob Meredith of

We thought it would be a fantastic platform to educate the football fans on the changes football jumpers have taken over the years. The addition of selectable guernseys for the 2007 game made the prospect of adding jumpers from the past even more attractive.

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