Australian Developers lack support for E3


Caught this article over at AustralianIT..

"...Australian developers receive no such assistance from the federal Government and Victoria is the only state with an official presence at E3.

Multimedia Victoria sponsored 15 of the state's game development companies to attend E3 and also organised a trade mission to Montreal for five companies.

The state agency shares a meeting room tucked away at the back of the hall with Torus Games, one of Australia's biggest game developers.

The Victorian delegation includes Act 3 Animation, Blue Tongue Software, Bullant Studios, C4, Digital Education Services, Etechgroup, Ferraro Design, Hyper Stimulator International, Infogrames Melbourne House, MediaNet Productions, Real Time Studios, Tantalus Interactive, Torus Games and Wicked Witch Software.

There are game developers from other states in Australia at the show, but no official delegation."