Interview with Irrational's Joe McDonagh


I'm a bit late on this one, but I've had this article bookmarked for a while now and have just been too busy and forgetful to post about it. have an interview up with lead designer, Joe McDonagh, on his creative role in developing BioShock over at Irrational Games. Joe has an interesting history in the games industry, and has gone from applying at LionHead studios, being a founder at Elixir studios, and working at Australia's BigWorld...

Joe: I then became friends with Jon Chey who's half of Irrational (Ken Levine being the other). They'd just finished Tribes Vengeance and were about to finish Freedom Force Vs Third Reich and SWAT IV. Ken needed someone to help him do the deals so I came on board. I've now come full circle and I'm back to design again. I guess I've still got unfinished business.