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2D animators/ Background Artists

(posted by Monkey_Majik)


I am in need of 2D animators/ Background Artists for a possible Link funded short film that I am aiming to begin in early July.

Interested applicants must have basic skills in Flash and/or Photoshop (for people interested in doing backgrounds).

Production of the short film will commence around about the 7th of July and only if my current crew and I are successful in obtaining the grant for it. I will hopefully know for certain towards the end of May.

Involved participants will be required to commit to a 10 and a half month production period. Group meetings will be held at least once a week.

If anyone is interested please email me your details to or contact me on 0438 279 402. I will then make a time and date to meet with you and discuss the project.

Thanks for your attention! =)