Mycosm, a real-time 3D visualisation and simulation platform, released



Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited, Canberra, Australia, has recently launched Mycosm, a real-time 3D visualisation and simulation platform.

Mycosm provides a great real-time 3D add-on for 3ds Max users and those that want to build interactive environments. The workflow is smooth, especially for 3ds Max users who can import fully animated models through fbx. Mycosm provides the ability to connect to SQL data bases, via Python script.

A free 33 day evaluation download of Mycosm Studio is available at the Mycosm website.

(Press release)

Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited (Simmersion Holdings), a 3D software company, has announced the availability of Mycosm® a flexible and powerful platform for constructing real-time, high fidelity 3D visualisation and simulation (VizSim) solutions.

The Mycosm® technology was used to develop Mycosm® Studio – an accessible and powerful tool for developers to construct and publish 3D environments based on real or imaginary data. Published environments are run in the freely distributed Mycosm Player.

Commenting on the launch Jeff Cotter, Co-Founder and CTO said “We are passionate about creating compelling and ground breaking 3D software technologies. Our goal is to make real-time 3D VizSim tools that are easy and fun to use, and above all accessible to everyone.”

Openness and interoperability
The open and extensible architecture, integrated middleware and python scripting make Mycosm Studio a powerful tool for simulating behaviour within a virtual environment. Mycosm is designed to allow models from many of the available CAD packages to be combined with the outputs from a range of (OGC compliant) geospatial software platforms e.g. .3ds and .fbx CAD formats; asci xyz and .dxf terrain formats; and .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .dds texture formats.

User Experience
Mycosm includes a simple, uncluttered interface that helps the creative process. Combine this with rapid workflow for taking content from 3D modeling packages such as 3ds Max™ and Maya™ into a real time environment. The easy to use tools allow experienced 3D developers to be productive rapidly, but are still approachable for newcomers.

Rendering engine
The high-fidelity, high-performance, proprietary rendering engine allows for multiple real time light sources with shadows. In addition Mycosm offers game-standard effects such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting and other post processing effects as well as support for normal, specular and environment mapping.

Terrains can be created using brush-based sculpting and painting tools with fine control over meshing and texture layering. TIN based meshing and ortho-photo import allows for real-world data to be used. Mycosm is optimised to handle large, complex terrains. External terrains created in Bryce™ can be imported.

Mycosm incorporates a range of middleware. With support for Speedtree® trees, plants and other vegetation can be imported into your environments. Integrated FMOD® sound engine supports volume, surround sound panning, Doppler and other DSP effects. Fork Particle™ effects such as smoke, fire, rain, snow and explosions can also be imported. SilverLining™ real time skies are integrated providing volumetric clouds.

Control your environment
Mycosm includes a powerful Python™ scripting editor that is easy to learn and gives you control over every aspect of your environment. The built-in editor provides syntax highlighting and code completion. You can use script to animate your environment or interact with external data or applications

Enterprise Functionality
Mycosm uses XML for data interchange and interoperability with external data sources and applications. Our open API allows integration with a broad range of back-end systems. Mycosm provides application and UI customization for Mycosm Player branding and aesthetics

Physics System
Endow objects in the Mycosm environment with realistic physical behavior including mass, forces, friction, gravity, and more.

Key-Frame Animation
Mycosm now supports key-frame animation imported from external modeling packages. This feature supports any model imported in FBX format, including rigged characters.

Publish to Player
Environments built with Mycosm Studio are published as single encrypted files to run in Mycosm Player. Mycosm Player is a small, free download allowing anyone to experience a Mycosm environment. Mycosm Player has an elegant and functional user interface that won't detract from your environment

Mr. Bob Quodling, CEO, Simmersion Holdings said “Mycosm provides advanced and enthusiast developers with the tools to build high-fidelity, real-time solutions for business and pleasure. With a price point aimed at mass-market adoption we look forward to working with our developers to build solutions for a wide range of industries”.

A free, trial version of Mycosm can be downloaded from