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PALGN Launches Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network reviews


PALGN took part in the Sumea celebrations interview that I conducted recently, and they've been a website that I've admired for a long time, particularly since they do a mammoth task of running a general gaming website without the resources their bigger competitors have. And now they're going one step further by covering Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network games. I don't know how they do it all, but I bet it has something to do with an army of intelligent robots and a teleporter.

(press release)

PALGN Launches Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Reviews

Melbourne, July 25 PALGN (PAL Gaming Network) has announced that it has commenced reviewing Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network titles. With more than 1000 Australian written reviews, one of the key demands from PALGN's readers has been reviews for Sony and Microsoft's digital distribution services.

"Our readers have a lot of trust in PALGN's reviews and for many of them our recommendations determine whether they purchase a game or not," said Luke Van Leuveren, the Acting General Manager of PALGN. "With significantly fewer publications reviewing PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade titles, we're confident many readers will rely on PALGN's downloadable content reviews to determine if a game is worth purchasing".

This announcement follows a record breaking week of traffic for PALGN as it covered the 2007 E3 Business and Media Summit. Between Monday the 9th of July through to Saturday the 14th of July PALGN received over 70,000 unique visitors with over 280,000 page views (source: ? the highest number for PALGN on record. During this period PALGN published over 100 unique articles relating to E3 with along with a podcast and a highly popular staff roundtable. PALGN was the only Australian site to live blog all three of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's E3 press conferences.

"PALGN's continued growth is evidence of our reader's commitment to the site," said Mr Van Leuveren. "With a community recently passing 8000 members, we are excited about PALGN's future as a hub for Australian gaming community and media."

The PAL Gaming Network is one of Australia's leading independent gaming media websites coving all major consoles (including handhelds) and PC. Founded in late 2001 as a community project designed to fill the void of non-American gaming press, it grew through many forms to establish itself in 2007 as one of the most comprehensible and comprehensive gaming resources for both hardcore and casual gamers living in Australia and other PAL Regions. PALGN is not affiliated with or endorsed by Sony Computer Entertainment or Microsoft.