Screenplay's Bioshock Interview with Joe McDonagh


Screenplay has an interview with the senior designer of Bioshock, Joe McDonagh, who happens to be from Irrational Games Canberra. There hasn't been much heard from the Canberra arm of Irrational Games since Tribes: Vengeance, so it's great to finally hear what they're currently up to...

Joe, many thanks for your time. Could you please start by explaining Irrational Australia's role in developing BioShock?

It's been all hands to the pump on this game and everyone in the Canberra and Boston studios has had a hand in its creation. In as far as you can be specific, the Australian studio developed the PC version of the game. It also provided the technology team. There's been a lot of flow of people between the two studios. I'm sure the inhabitants of Boston have found themselves wondering where all the Australians had suddenly come from!

Joe also discusses various aspects of Bioshock, including development challenges, the tools used to make the game, what they're trying to achieve, and loads of other stuff. Check it out at Screenplay!