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MGM to Make Official Statement on Troubled Stargate Game


Things certainly have been quiet since January this year when Perception staff were let go and the development of the licensed FPS game based on the (now axed) Stargate SG-1: The Alliance television series reaching a sudden halt.

No official press release were given by either Perception or MGM on the matter, but according to, MGM is set to announce the status of the Stargate SG-1: The Alliance game sometime during November. The news item at reveals that the game has since been handed over to another games studio who has revised the game and is continuing its development. The legal questions on who owns what regarding the arrangements between Perception, JoWooD and MGM will also be addressed in the official statement.

A babelfish translation of the news item is as follows:

After MGM (right owner of the star gate license) had extracted the license from the developer entwickler-Studio "Perception" in January 2006 to star gate , that became nearly manufactured star gate SG 1: The Alliance another (unknown) Entwicklerstudio for the revision and completion hand over. This revision proved as clearly more zeitaufwaendiger than planned and at present still on the completion of the play is worked. Additionally pending legal questions between Perception, JoWooD and MGM retard the work. At the latest in November MGM wants to publish an official statement to the situation.

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  • 1. unit - Thu, 28 Sep 2006 5:24:26Z
    First post. :) Very intriguing news and not all that surprising if it proves to be valid.

    While i've consigned this game to the past (given that it's been two years since I worked on it), I for one wouldn't mind seeing it released. I doubt however that the original dev team will be credited (however, we do have the season 8 Stargate DVD to verify our involvement). Seriously, given the timeframe since Perception's collapse I don't expect the new studio to have done all that much with it other than warm it over a little. There's simply not time for a substantial revamping. I expect therefore, other than polishing and tweaking for release, the game will be substantially what Perception had when the team was finally let go.

    Very interesting news.

  • 2. Dave C - Thu, 28 Sep 2006 6:26:8Z
    "substantially what Perception had when the team was finally let go"

    Suppose that depends on whether they license the Serenity engine or whether they rewrite or abandon the PS2 version..