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IGN Reviews Heatseeker

New games for the Nintendo Wii seem to be a bit scarce at the moment, so it's of great news that an Australian developed game is heading out to help fill in that void very shortly. Heatseeker, developed by IR Gurus, has just been reviewed over at IGN UK, receiving a fairly solid score of 7.5 out of ten. IGN highlights some of the good qualities of the game including its fun gameplay, as well as its flaws like Heatseeker's lack of background variety and some of the more tedious missions...

Ultimately, Heatseeker is a welcome addition to the Wii's catalogue. It's one of the few games that isn?t a ?proof of concept? for the console's innovative controller. Instead it's a fully-fledged title that happens to use the Wiimote extremely well...

However, Codemasters is limited by its scope: there's not enough variation across levels and, once you?ve completed the main game, there's little incentive to return.

Heatseeker is coming out in May.

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