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ARGGGH, Adelaide's Really Good Gathering of Gamedevelopers


There was a time when Adelaide was at the forefront of Australian games development, and while that status has gone through a battering in recent times, there's definitely a sense that things are on the rebound. Exciting things are happening in Adelaide with AVCON coming up, indie developers doing awesome things on the App Store, and others well worth keeping an eye out on. Now is the perfect time for Adelaidians to get organised, to network and share ideas.

Tony Albrecht has posted a letter to the South Australian Game Development Industry with an invitation to a monthly gathering for all of Adelaide's games developers - games students, indie games developers, ex-Krome and ex-Rat Bag seasoned developers, and everyone else game dev related!

(Tony) I think you need a focus. A point where all of this talent and passion can meet and find others with that same drive and need, a place where you can build a network that will help you to grow and prosper. This place needs to have alcohol so that the dreams of the future will seem brighter and more certain and so that bonds can build between these disparate groups. We have a common fervour, and we can feed that fervour together. Some of us have years of experience, some of us have boundless enthusiasm and limitless raw talent. Combine these attributes and there is nothing we cannot do.

The date and venue details for ARGGGH, Adelaide's Really Good Gathering of Gamedevelopers, are:

Where: The Goody, 75 Goodwood Road
When: Monday April 11, 7:30pm (They do a good $10 Schnitty so if you want to eat, rock up earlier)
Who: Professional devs, indies, students, anyone that has a compulsion to write games.
Cost: free (but you buy your own drinks)

For Tony's entire letter, head on to the following link, and be sure to post any enquiries or even to let others know that you're coming in the comments thread there!