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Wicked Witch Makes First MMORPG On Wireless Mobile


There's some exciting news coming from Wicked Witch with the announcement that they have produced the first mmorpg on wireless mobiles!

"Wicked Witch Software has finally finished it's first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for wireless! We believe it is the worlds first true real-time mmorpg on wireless allowing thousands to play together on a normal gprs data connection with amazing results! Resurrecting our beloved IP of WarMonster, we have created a complete mini-ultima-online-type, persistent world adventure game in around 64kb! WarMonster:Online has to be seen to be believed."

You can find all about WarMonster:Online (which "allows thousands and thousands of players all in the one world together, in real time!") at Click on the link below to read more on the announcement at Wicked Witch's website!